Dedication & Pioneering

Ledra Clinic is a reference point in the field of gynecology, obstetrics and assisted reproductive medicine in Cyprus.

It was founded in early 1970s by Dr. Takis Georgiou, a pioneer of gynecology in our country, distinguished for his ethos, humanity and scientific perfection.

High Aesthetics & Functionality

Our Clinic, named "Prototype" when founded, was the first IVF center in Cyprus and one of the first in the Mediterranean and the Middle East regions. Here, back in the year 1984, there was born the first baby in Cyprus using in vitro fertilization method.

Since then, the Clinic has been evolving and pioneering in the field of assisted reproduction. The need for even greater specialization led to creation of Embryogenesis Fertility Center, which is considered one of the most successful modern IVF centers in Cyprus.

Scientific Perfection

Individuality and isolation era in health care is a relic of the past. Ledra Clinic philosophy is all about teamwork and cooperation between its doctors.

Today, Ledra Clinic has a dynamic multidisciplinary team consisting of seventeen scientists (doctors, embryologists, geneticists), and a network of partners doctors working with enthusiasm, dedication, diligence, team spirit and professionalism for the good of our patients.

Scope of Activity

Our Obstetrics and Nursing personnel lay the ground and strengthen their work by offering each woman individualized care and response to every need she might have.

Our vision is to continue holding a high bar in our services, and at the same time to offer women comfort inspiring environment that shells security.