Obstetrics Department

Creating of a well-equipped but at the same time friendly designed delivery room has been one of the top priorities of our Clinic.

Both operating rooms are always ready for immediate and safe cesarean sections. Our philosophy regarding delivery process is clearly in favor of normal childbirth though.

Patient wards meet all European Union health standards regarding air conditioning, air renewal and air filtration.

Our wish is that a birthing mother will have a pleasant experience and memories of labor and delivery in a heartily warm environment, surrounded by special care of our nursing and assistant personnel.

With this reasoning we have taken care about nutrition in our Clinic. Each patient has the opportunity to order the very food they want, among ten different options.

Meals are prepared in the kitchen outside the clinic and are delivered fresh and hot twice a day, at noon and in the evening.

Painless Childbirth

A birthing mother is psychologically prepared for the top event of childbirth and enjoys the choice between the psychoprophylactic method and epidural anesthesia.